Optimisation starts at the beginning

Optimisation starts from the very beginning in the design phase. The site has to be designed with loading times in mind. There is no point in having 5 sliders on a page if that is gonna make your site crazily slow right?

We will also help you establish a clear sitemap and semantic url structure to optimise your website’s user journey and improve your SEO further.

Once we are into the build everything we do, we are thinking about loading times and ways to minimise bloated code, unneeded plugins and anything else that could potentially negatively effect the end result.

Post live

Once the siteĀ is ready to go live the most important thing in our view is choosing the best hosting package for best performance.

As standard we install Yoast SEO plugin to further optimise your sites SEO and give you tips on how to keep your site optimised for SEO and speed going forward.